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June 1999 - June 2000

Distribution License


Feel free to use the information, and code here, for your entertainment, research and/or enjoyment.

If you wish to use the information contained here in a printed report, paper, website and/or presentation, please include a citation (URL, my name, and date) saying where you got it from.

When referencing/citing my website, please do not include my e-mail address in any publically viewable media. Please include my website address ( instead. If my e-mail address is posted somewhere it will be used by spammers - I hate spam.


You may copy parts or the whole of this site for personal use. Please do not post your personal copy on a publically viewable website - this is what the original location is for.

Under absolutely no circumstances are you to post my e-mail address online.
I do not want any more Spam!!! Spammers will harvest any and all e-mail addresses they can find.


If you want to put a mirror of this website, you must contact me first.

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