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Note: Links were last checked in June 2000; many may be broken now.

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Other Lists of Browsers

While I make every attempt to make this page as up to date and comprehensive as possible, it literally impossible to keep it right up to date. Also, since I have just started this page, it will take me a while to gather up a more or less complete list of what is out there. Thank you for your patience.

I am not the only maintaining a list of browsers out there. The difference, is that I hope have the "definative list" at some point. Here are a few lists that some other people put together:

Web Browser Newsletters & Information

The following sites report on web browsers as a whole and not one specific browser:

  • Browser News - an online newsletter about web browsers maintained by Chuck Upsdell with lots of bug reports & security information on a per browser approach
  • - an EXTENSIVE RESOURCE of information about making accessible websites

Related Lists

The following are lists of types of software related to the web. Again, these are not the focus of this page, but if I hear about them I include them here.

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